5 Reasons Introverts are Irreplaceable

Is there any logical reason to believe that the lives of humans are any more important than other animals within the animal kingdom?

After all, how many historical figures have come and gone, yet life has moved on as if they never existed? Yes, we are influenced by them. But would we have been affected if we never knew they existed?

These philosophical arguments may seem pointless, but we must get granular in determining the importance of individual lives. And maybe a better question is not what we miss when a great person dies, but what would happen if a specific group of people no longer existed?

Moreover, what would the world look like without introverts? And are introverts replaceable?

It is easy to suggest that introverts like Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg have transformed the world through their contributions. And arguably, The Information Age would never have evolved if introverts had not been at the forefront.

So, although we seemingly live in an extroverted society, the contributions of introverts have laid the foundation for extroverts to exist.

Author and educational consultant Kendra Cherry outlined the general characteristics of extroverts as:

  • Enjoys being at the center of attention
  • Enjoys group work
  • Feels isolated by too much time spent alone
  • Likes to communicate by talking
  • Likes to talk about thoughts and feelings
  • Looks to others and outside sources for ideas and inspiration
  • Numerous, broad interests
  • Tends to act first before thinking

Although individual extroverts have made great strides in society, they historically have fared better in social movements and politics. In contrast, introverts have managed better with the intellectual infrastructure that led to improving civilization.

In short, extroverts are inspirational in moving people to action, and introverts create the foundations that give ideas, frameworks, and platforms the structure to build on.

Extroverts dare to live out loud on social media platforms created by introverts.

Places like Silicon Valley are one of the regions in the world where ambitious introverts congregate to create these platforms. Indicators data netted the following demographics for citizens of Silicon Valley:

Dr. Karl Moore, associate professor at Desautels Faculty of Management, said:

In Silicon Valley, many senior leaders are introverted—in fact, more than in most other industries we’ve studied in our research of over 200 C-Suite Executives.

Although very little data specifically qualified the number of Silicon Valley citizens as introverts, the demographics suggest that these individuals are internally driven, have ethnic backgrounds that are culturally introverted, and operate in an ecosystem where critical thinking and problem-solving are at the forefront of innovation and technological breakthroughs.

And reportedly, many of the C-Suite executives are introverts.

It is a safe bet that Silicon Valley is the center where introverts transform the world.

So, if Silicon Valley is a microcosm of the value of introverts, what traits make introverts irreplaceable?

Introverts study to find an edge in the marketplace.

The five reasons introverts are irreplaceable are:

Critical thinking

Through critical thinking and analysis, introverts discover unrealized and unmet needs in the marketplace. Inventions and innovation whose time has come are generated by intellects located in centers like Silicon Valley.

Silicon Valley can serve as a model where introverts frequent offline and online to develop transformational products that help humans live better.

Thoughtful communications

There must be a high level of civility for introverts to work together on creating the next technological revolution. Rarely do you hear ill will and verbal battles between introverts striving to publish great work. Even if they work alone, introverts’ ability to respect the unwritten rules of communal respect and etiquette is critical for progress.

Respect for the rights of others

Because introverts subscribe to a “Live and let live” existence, they thrive in their self-created cocoons. Consequently, they believe in rules and regulations that protect the environment from physical and psychological encroachment. If they are the silent minority, their actions tip the scale for resources that best benefits society.

Creators of intellectual property

Introverts perpetuate the “Age of Reason” by consistently using logic to improve the quality of life of others. Silicon Valley is an example of introverts creating intellectual property through software development that helps people thrive.

Intellectual property can also come from articles, books, podcasts, and videos. If problems are present, there is a potential market for intellectual property to be developed.

Because of the many online platforms often created by introverts, introverted content creators can layer their intellectual property on these platforms.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is the art and science of reimagining the future and creating it from ideas. Because progress is endless, introverts think forward in creating “The next big thing.” Again, Silicon Valley never rests on its laurels. It is viciously competitive for small startups developing products.

Without the visionary talents of introverts, the evolution of humans would be problematic.

Extroverts will continuously go through life living loud with all the pomp and circumstance necessary to attract attention.

But in the end, introverts are the reasons they can shoot selfies.

Yes, introverts will continue inventing innovations for the world to enjoy.

And they are creating a future tomorrow that the world has yet to imagine.

Without introverts, there would be no tomorrow.

—Jane Woodard


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