Introvert Against All Odds

Thriving as an Introvert Against All Odds

Introverts can attest that moving forward means getting things done on time while ensuring that their output is of the highest quality.

However, what if you have somehow found yourself at the crossroads of not getting things done and not being satisfied with your work?

Have you ever thought of what could cause this lack of productivity?

As an introvert, here are some reasons why you feel that you are not moving forward with your plan:

  1. You are focusing on the wrong things or tasks. Sometimes, the thought of success and doing a lot of things for your plan can get you to miss seeing the real or “Big Picture.”
  1. Your projects’ aims or goals are not clear.  What does your plan actually need? What do you want to see it do for your life? How does it look? Set your goals straight.
  1. You think about what multiple projects can do for you compared to what it can do for your plan. You benefit from the success of your life’s plan, but it’s not about you.  If you only do what was fun, you wouldn’t complete your long-term plan. Many of the skill sets that you have to develop to be successful require that you learn new skills. How effective of a researcher are you? Do you know how to market your ideas?  Can you build web sites to distribute your ideas? All this and more requires you to increase your knowledge base.
  1. You overload yourself with too much information that you fail to distinguish which ones are relevant to your plan. Pick out and use only the pertinent information, otherwise you will end up confused and unable to complete your plan with accuracy.
  1. Distractions can get the best of you. This means that having many things on your mind can keep you from focusing on your goals. And take note, distractions are not just about other tasks that you have in mind, distractions also include friends, as well as not being productive during office hours.
  1. Disorganized and dysfunctional work system. Of course, this is understandable, considering the fact that having a disorganized system can greatly affect you and your plan’s success.
  1. Too much negativity from yourself and other people affect you. Obviously, if you let yourself be taken over by all those negative comments such as: you are not good enough for the job, or that you are too much of a perfectionist that you can’t seem to focus on what you want and what you have to do.  In addition, if you procrastinate too much, this attitude will pull you down. Besides, making up excuses for not being able to accomplish something is very counterproductive.
  1. Too much multitasking and very little single tasking can seriously affect your productivity. If you are taking in and doing too many things, you will find yourself being pulled away from your actual goals and merely spinning your wheels.
  1. You are too afraid to fail, and that’s why you think of several strategies to succeed. But in reality, instead of being led to one major achievement, you end up being a major collector of failed projects and tasks.  Failure should not be taken negatively. Failure should be your fuel to propel you towards success. But, don’t throw a lot of projects on the wall to see what sticks. Choose the projects that you have the most interest, skillset and warrants the greatest need in the marketplace.
  1.  Lack of strict rules and work ethics.  You should always have a strict set of rules to ensure that you are able to move according to your original plan. The less discipline you have, the stricter you have to be on yourself, until you develop positive habits.

—Anne Glencoe