Why are INTJs the Ultimate Strategists?

INTJs are often referred to as masterminds and strategists. They have an uncanny way of looking into the future and planning accordingly.

Not necessarily a fixed future. But a future they can predict by reading social behavior and trends that signal what may be coming down the pike.

While many people are mere respondents to the machinations of the world, INTJs are trying to chart a course of action proactively.

So, the question becomes whether they have crystal balls or merely can look at patterns and make an intelligent decision about what they mean.

After all, researchers suggest that intuition is merely distilled experience.

The more experience you possess, whether through formal or informal education, the better you become at feeling that something is going to happen.

But how does the ability to detect patterns make INTJs extraordinary strategists?

INTJs are remarkable strategists because through hypersensitivity, voracious reading, and constant observation of environmental influences; they develop responses to the opportunities and problems that emerge from human activity.

Their intellectual curiosity allows them to read and research across diverse subjects to the extent that a certain degree of repetition begins to resurface.

Anything that appears randomly more than twice starts to look like a pattern.

That’s the key. The only way INTJs can determine if a pattern potentially exists is to have investigated many topics to see a commonality between unrelated ideas.

Strategy is exploiting opportunities and problems that derive from unfulfilled human needs.

A strategy has no foundation unless it comes from the aspirations, goals, and values of human desires.

That’s why INTJs can create social media platforms that transform the world.

As extroverts socially talk about the day’s events, INTJs create systems and processes derived from these events.

What are INTJs looking for?

Too much credit is given to INTJs’ strategic thinking as if it happens magically.

Like most people, INTJs are generally interested in a few things. And that general interest transforms into full-fledged passion culminating into one compelling vision.

INTJs want to see their ideas take on a life of their own in pursuit of ownership, control, and influence.

In short, they want to be puppet masters.

INTJs use strategic tactics to influence society’s direction without much fanfare. They realize that power lies behind the throne, not on it.

INTJs are forever trying to overcome the powerlessness they felt as children.

And a more profound yearning for justice.

The only justice they can discover and rely on is the one they create.

Experience has taught them that life is a mental game and to win requires steel determination, stealth, and strategy.

Execution is one of the superpowers of INTJs.

As an INTJ, I have worked a full-time job for decades to sustain myself as I pursued a writing career.

I have several self-published books on Amazon Kindle and articles for niche blogs. For decades, I have never earned enough money in all my endeavors to maintain a quality lifestyle without the aid of an employer.

However, every job I have ever had was overnight and required very little brainpower from me.

And this was intentional. Once I got on the writing path, I promised myself I would never take a job that distracted my energy and interest from mastering my writing skills.

To date, I have never deviated.

Is my success guaranteed?


Will I go down fighting until my last breath in pursuit of a writing career that supports my life independently?


This is one of the superpowers of INTJs; our ability to set our minds on a course and either succeed or die.

Any strategy must have three criteria:

  • Responding to a market demand
  • Committing decades in pursuit of an objective
  • Pledging a “Do or Die” dedication to its manifestation

In achieving a clear goal, INTJs raise the stakes by turning the initiative into a lifestyle.

Once a crusade becomes a lifestyle, it is systematized into their DNA.

The end game for INTJs

The end game for INTJs is completing a goal.

There are many iterations and modifications INTJs must endure to cross the finish line.

It may sound melodramatic when death is tied to a journey, but ambitious INTJs have drawn this line in the sand.

For INTJs, intellectual pursuits and quality-of-life issues are serious matters.

When most people suggest these notions, they are light-hearted about it.

They would say INTJs are extreme and take life far too seriously.

And therein lies the difference between why INTJs are superior strategists versus everyone else.

For INTJs, strategy is visceral, hardwired, and lies at the core of everything that matters.

If you can’t manifest your imagination, what is the value of human intelligence?

Seeing an idea come to fruition is like birthing a child into the world.

A seed must be planted under the right conditions. There must be care and cultivation of the unborn. It takes a long time. And the delivery must be done masterfully to ensure the newborn arrives safely.

I intentionally did not have children to be able to birth my ideas into the world.

Could I have done both?

Yes, but I had more control over the personality and direction of my ideas.

And every day, my host of readers grows.

Many INTJs can understand how and why these critical decisions must be made.

For INTJs, every strategy is part of a bigger plan. And that plan is as serious as life itself.

—Jake Rivers

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