The average INTJ is a cross between Batman and The Joker. Two sides of the same coin, merging idealism with depravity.

In many surveys, it has been determined that some INTJ characteristics include:

  • Likes black or dark clothing
  • Favors atheism or agnosticism
  • Holds a mild contempt for humanity
  • Aspires to world domination
  • Desires basic civility and comportment

Enlightened INTJs are comfortable blending their sinister, angelic, and optimistic sides.

How do I know?

Because I study myself.

I have read about INTJs being strategists and masterminds and how important control and independence are to us.

But what are we actually like?

We can be the most loving and caring creatures one moment, and the next, we can be cold as icicles.

INTJs are sinister.

Years ago, I walked into the leasing office of the apartment complex where I lived in a quest to negotiate my rent not being increased as my leasing agreement ended.

I was smiling and jovial in ways that made the staff say, “Wow, I wish we had more tenants like her.” They did not say that, but that was the energy they conveyed.

As I was leaving, the manager came out inquiring about the fanfare.

One of the leasing agents said, “Brenda was joking about how our apartment complex would go to pieces without her.”

The manager abruptly said through all the joy, “Be careful; she’ll turn on you.”

I laughed off the comment as I walked out the door.

My new rental lease increased by $10, quite different from the $100 they initially offered.

Was I being manipulative and feigning congeniality to have a reduced rent?

Yes, I was.

Would I have turned off my charm if I had not gotten what I wanted?

Yes, I would have.

INTJs who share my worldview know what life taught them as innocent children who became seasoned adults about the realities of the world.

I know when I am despicable or selfishly using my wit and intelligence.

It’s usually in situations when someone has taken me for granted, or I have determined that this person is attempting to manipulate me to get what he wants.

But I didn’t start out thinking this way.

We never do.

Countless slights and barbs taught me that this world only respects strength and that the best thing anyone can do is attain power and influence that they can control.

The intellectual power of INTJs allows us to explain away our vices and turn them into virtues.

INTJs are angelic.

Despite people’s selfishness, family, friends, and associates can receive any reasonable request from me. And the operative word is “reasonable.”

Even if people are generally viewed as good, they certainly operate in their self-interest.

And you can only hope that yours and theirs align.

I will tell you if I will honor an unreasonable request.

Unfortunately, after the denial, we will probably never speak again.

Often, losing a purported friend is fine with me because requests for favors should only occur when they have reciprocated the friendship.

They may not keep score, but I do.

As an INTJ, I can be robotic and cold. It used to bother me when people said that about me. Now I wear it like a badge of honor.

However, I view being robotic as consistent. Aren’t angels consistent in their objectives?

Why should I be more emotional when the world squashes sensitivity?

When I was kinder and more lovable, the world shunned it.

Now that I feel remorseless about the world’s plight, there is higher respect.

And I wasn’t after respect. I was merely trying to survive in a cold and callous environment.

Angels are benevolent and try to bring goodwill into the world. But even angels have their limits.

INTJs are optimistic.

I am optimistic because I am an existentialist. Life has no meaning except for the one you give it.

I am not betting on the selfishness and ugliness of human nature to bring me joy; I am betting on myself.

My optimism stems from imaginary ideas coming to fruition through execution.

The more I see my ideas become a reality, the more self-confident I become.

Ambitious INTJs live in the field of ideas, but their innovations and inventions are steeped in reality.

Our joy comes from the creative process, which often aligns with satisfying the unmet needs of society.


There are many blogs, books, and viewpoints about what INTJs are actually like. And if you ask a room full of INTJs to self-evaluate, they will share some similarities and diverge on others.

Because INTJs seem to be an attractive personality type, it is essential for INTJs not to play into the stereotypes.

You may have aligned your idealism with your depravity, but self-assessment is an ongoing process.

The key is to be objective about your vices and virtues.

It is easy to explain what strategists and masterminds can do in the name of good, but the challenge is always to be authentic to your true self.

To be an INTJ is a blessing and a curse.

Your responsibility is to know the difference.

—Brenda Fiedler

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