5 Famous INTJs Who are Extreme Strategists

INTJs are the personality type most apt to transform an idea, concept, or business into a resounding success globally.

This brand of an introvert is not satisfied with spending long periods merely concentrating on making minor improvements.

They must dominate in ways that transform society and capture our imagination.

But what makes INTJs unique in this regard?

In short, INTJs are Machiavellian and are willing to do whatever is necessary to achieve their goals.

Writer Kirsten Moodie for Personality Growth said:

INTJs are excellent at using their logic and intuition to come up with an ideal strategy, for whatever their goal is. They have a natural ability to concoct a plan that will help them maneuver in a situation, no matter the different outcomes (P. 1).

Famous INTJs most exemplify this notion.

Famous INTJs have often encompassed the “Hero’s Journey,” where they are transformed in the process of self-discovery and societal contribution.

These transformational figures use people and innovation to reshape the world in their image. And they enjoy strategizing as a game, although some INTJs like Hillary Clinton, Jay-Z, and Arnold Schwarzenegger enjoy it more than others.

These five famous INTJs embody the concept of extreme strategists.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

As an INTJ, Hillary Clinton used smarts, political savvy, and steel determination to gain power and influence.

In his book “First in His Class,” author David Maraniss outlined how Hillary Clinton as an attorney at the Rose Law firm, financially supported former President Bill Clinton’s political ambitions as an equitable partner that would create The Clinton Political Machine. “First in His Class” chronicles the political strategy and life plan the two developed while still students at Yale Law School.

The strategy was for Bill to become Governor of Arkansas before ascending to the office of the U.S. Presidency.

And Hillary would follow suit by becoming a New York senator before ascending to the office of Secretary of State, after which she became the 2016 Democratic Presidential Nominee.

In this strategy, the second move must be more significant than the first one. And this process goes on throughout a career.

The critical elements of this decades-long plan would entail maneuvering through the political morass of a patriarchal hierarchy and earning the necessary stripes for authority and credibility.

This two-fisted power couple created the blueprint for acquiring and maintaining political power and influence within a marital structure.

Clinton strategically aligned with a spouse with the strength and tenacity to lay the foundation for their political dynasty as a conduit for her master plan.

Could she have achieved political success on her own?

Of course, she could have. However, her strategy created insular power that allowed both spouses to self-actualize.

Takeaways: INTJs use like-minded and ambitious people to create and build empires. On their journey, they are flexible but steely focused. They play the long game taking decades to bring an idea, goal, or business to fruition.

Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe

As an INTJ, actor Russell Crowe demonstrates that consistently taking on heroic roles builds solid brands and longevity.

“Gladiator” is Crowe’s breakout movie that established him as a box office success.

“Gladiator” settled Crowe as an epic hero and strategically led him to play roles where he fights for the greater good. Whether a boxer in “Cinderella Man” or an attorney in “American Gangster,” Crowe characterizes the potential and greatness of the human spirit.

Crowe’s characters are built on hope by connecting with the inner drive of average individuals to gain some level of significance.

Takeaways: INTJs tap into a problem or unfulfilled need and turn this void into a mission or life’s work. The key is to create a character or persona that serves a core market that does not deviate from the central message or crusade.

Shawn Carter (Jay-Z)

Shawn Carter (Jay-Z)

As an INTJ, Shawn Carter (aka Jay-Z) stays under the radar, aligning strategically with people who increase his wealth and influence.

If you were to ask entertainment mogul Jay-Z what drives his success, he would probably say, “The ability to create and build great brands.”

From street hustler to entertainment giant, Jay-Z has shown that being Machiavellian in his personal and professional life has served him well.

He has demonstrated an uncanny ability to use people as pawns on his chessboard.

In Jay-Z’s world, people are as helpful as the value they bring.

Reportedly, in 1995, Jay-Z started Roc-A-Fella Records with Dame Dash and Kareem Burke because they had difficulty securing a deal with a major record company.

Years later, Jay-Z would strike out on his own, serving in managerial capacities, marrying pop star Beyoncé, and buying the Tidal music streaming service.

His strategy is to lay a foundation based on a famous brand and build new platforms from the initial brand. In this vein, he is the ultimate opportunist, and no viable idea is discarded. He even named a series of his albums “The Blueprint.”

This notion has often left previous partners salty. Roc-A-Fella co-founder Dame Dash has criticized Jay-Z for placing profits over partnerships.

In the end, Jay-Z has become a billionaire through his slick moves and influential network.

Takeaways: INTJs carefully cultivate their public image, create small groups of influence, and own and control as much intellectual property as possible.

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg

As an INTJ, Mark Zuckerberg created a world he could own and control.

In the movie, The Social Network, Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook in his image based on a need to connect with others on his terms.

Reportedly, Facebook has 2.85 billion monthly active users making it the largest social media platform globally.

Facebook has come under fire for monopolistic practices as well as privacy concerns.

This shows that creating one’s social world can come at a price.

Interestingly, very little is known about Zuckerberg. His persona is Facebook. And like many INTJs, he would prefer it to remain that way.

If Zuckerberg was asked, “Is Facebook what you envisioned it to be?” He probably would say, ‘Yes…because it allows people like me to be at the center of the world on their terms.”

Takeaways: Based on their cerebral hardwiring, INTJs must create a world within a world. Facebook allows users to create social connections with people representing every juncture of one’s life, from nursery school to the person you met at the market yesterday.

Also, INTJs can use existing social media platforms to create new and innovative intellectual property so that other introverts can expand on the creation.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger

As an INTJ, Arnold Schwarzenegger used opportunities as building blocks for long-term success.

Arguably, the “Father of Bodybuilding” may be Eugen Sandow (Apr. 2, 1876-October 14, 1925), but no one has popularized the sport of bodybuilding more than actor and former politician Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Schwarzenegger won the coveted title of Mr. Olympia seven times. Also, he used his massive physique and natural charisma to create action heroes on the silver screen.

He would go on to serve two terms as Governor of California.

Schwarzenegger’s playbook is reminiscent of Russell Crowe and Jay-Z, which satisfy an unfulfilled need within individuals and exploit every opportunity that comes out of these ventures (including marrying into an influential family-The Kennedys).

Schwarzenegger came of age when uber-masculinity was the rage. He represented the ideal man for women and a man’s man for men to emulate.

He satisfied unmet emotional needs when many people didn’t know they were lacking.

Takeaways: As problem solvers, INTJs solve tangible and intangible problems. Every problem has some emotional pain attached to it. Whether it is the need for a role model or software that makes life easier, INTJs are often at the forefront.

INTJs have active imaginations and can see into the future. Or better yet, create it.

Famous INTJs have been applauded for revolutionizing industries in countless ways.

However, as an INTJ, you are hardwired for innovation, whether you are world-renowned or unknown.

The only question is, “What problem will you solve today?”

The world awaits your decision.

—Edward S. Brown


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