How Introverts Can Create Sanctuaries Working from Home

Introverts are the best equipped to create sanctuaries by working from home, particularly during crises. 
Whether it’s inclement weather or a pandemic, introverts are the least likely to feel the effects of staying home for long periods of time. 
In fact, smarter, more creative introverts will make a few modifications and working from home will be the proverbial “Icing on the cake.”
It is commonly known that introverts’ psychic and emotional energy flows inwardly. In other words, a quiet world where thinking and contemplation are part of their DNA. 
However, the depths of this importance can only be appreciated by individuals hard-wired for introversion. 
Consequently, while many people are rushing through life trying to commune with others, introverts run from corporate communes to connect with themselves.
In this vein, introverts should be encouraged not only to do more of the activities that make them happy, but create a sanctuary, and a lifestyle that allows for more of the same.

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines Sanctuary as “A place of refuge and protection.” So, when we refer to introverts creating sanctuaries as they work from home, what are they being protected from? The answer is “The world.”
During times of crises, average individuals are not comfortable having to create routines or processes. Outside of maintaining some form of employment, the average citizen lives to enjoy more leisure. 
The R&B group, The O’Jays had a popular song in the 1970s called, “Living for the Weekend.” Some of the lyrics are:
A ha, it’s Friday
Oh, ho, thank God it’s Friday
And I just got paid
Going across town
Gonna pick up my lady
Have a little bit of fun
Just ain’t no telling
Where I might end up
You might see me
On the East side
Ha, the West side
I’m even going cross the bridge
Cause I, cause I
Cause I hear they really
Get down over there…
How Introverts Can Create Sanctuaries
For many people, this is their normal mode of operating, and Living for the Weekend is their national anthem. And normal is relative and subjective to the individual. 
For introverts who have created sanctuaries, there are no essential differences in activities from day to day. 
Why? Because when you are living life on your terms one day is no different than the next. And creating a sanctuary is a conduit for sterilizing your environment for intellectual growth, mental peace, and tranquility.
So, creating a sanctuary while working at home requires a process. And the process entails becoming self-contained.
First, create or accept a job that aligns with your introversion.
In a global economy supported by the internet, it is easier now more than ever to create or find a job for home. 
According to a Google search, a Gig Economyis “A labor market characterized by the prevalence of short-term contracts or freelance work as opposed to permanent jobs.” 
The takeaway from a gig economy is to frame your professional aspirations according to your skill level and lifestyle. For introverts, the range of online professional opportunities are endless.
Mai (2020) listed some high-paying jobs for introverts including:
·    Virtual Bookkeeper. Unlike accounting, many bookkeeping jobs don’t require you to have a certain degree or certification. …
·         Actuary. Another goodie for everyone who loves numbers and details. …
·         Data Scientist. …
·         Social Media Manager. …
·         Sell Photos. …
·         Film/Video Editor. …
·         Freelance Translator. …
·         Freelance Writer.
Also, there are many permanent positions that allow telecommuting as an option. Ultimately, whether you are employed by a company or maintain freelance or contract work, there is an expectation of productivity and deliverables. 
The regimental behavior of many introverts is ideal, because of the systematic way that strategic thinking introverts operate. They will coordinate their daily activities equal or better at home than if they were off-site. 
If you are not working from home currently, and that’s an aspiration, the transition may take some time, but must be pursued relentlessly. 
Additionally, it is critical to accept positions that align with your type of introversion. INTJs, ISTJs, and INTPs may accept positions that are problem-solving in nature. Whereas, ISFP personality types need more artistic endeavors. 
By sticking to the core of your introversion, it easier to find job opportunities at home.
create your own library
Secondly, create your own library and entertainment room.
This could be an all-in-one room where you spend a great deal of time, which may also include your office. Because introverts often combine education and entertainment, a bookshelf in the corner and a computer serves to allow introverts to read, as well as watch documentaries, interviews, and tutorials on You Tube. 
Having everything at your fingertips is the ideal sanctuary, because small spaces require little maintenance. For years, I lived in a studio apartment in Atlanta, Georgia where my bed, TV, and computer were inches away from each other. It was like living in a laboratory. 
Whether it was early in the morning or late at night, if an idea came to mind, I could jump up and start typing on the computer. Once, I had completed the idea, I could go right back to sleep. 
I was unmarried at the time, but still maintain the same process within my house now. 
If you have lived a disciplined existence throughout your life, it seems illogical to ever adopt inefficient habits merely because you have more space and responsibilities.

Thirdly, create a mini indoor track and fitness center.

Whether you have 1 or 2 floors of space, you can create a makeshift track inside your home. If you have stairs, 10-15 minutes of running throughout your house will exhaust you as if you had run 30-45 minutes on a treadmill.

It is also advisable to invest in dumbbell weights, because they are easy to maintain and are readily accessible for strength training. During this current pandemic, all of the fitness centers across the U.S. closed for months.

I had worked out all of my life, and not to have availability to a gym, completely altered my universe. I vowed never to be placed in that position ever again, and thus created a small weight room with dumbbells in my office.

Now, I work out more than I ever did, because of the convenience.

Crisis situations reveal the areas in your life where dependency exists. For introverts, such dependency can be debilitating requiring a change in strategy and infrastructure.

Finally, by viewing your home as a sanctuary to work, play, and reflect, clarifies and encapsulates the true essence of life. When you have met all of your emotional, physical, and psychic needs in an environment that you have developed, you have in fact created your own paradise.

As the world holds its breath adjusting to a “new normal,” you have in fact improved on your old one. Metaphorically speaking, you have merely repainted and refreshed your home, as the world rips out its foundation in an attempt to rebuild.

The English writer, Augustus Hare once said, “To Adam Paradise was home. To the good among his descendants home is paradise.”

—Kenneth Nelson



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