Where Do Introverts Get Their Energy?

When the topic is about introvert, “shy”, “reserved”, or “easily frightened” are the words that may come to your mind.
Introverts are known to enjoy spending time alone. They think first before they speak and enjoy a small close group of friends. They tend to become upset with last-minute surprises or unexpected changes.
To make things clear, they are not necessarily shy. Believe it or not, they do not avoid social interactions. After spending time in a big crowd, they choose to be alone or be with their family and close friends.
As an introvert, you will likely enjoy a small get-together rather than attending a roaring party. You favor solitude and stillness. While you may not avoid social interactions, you end up being drained and exhausted.
If you are an introvert, then it’s interesting to know that you get your energy from within, unlike extroverts that are recharged by people. Instead of telephone calls, you opt for emails. 
You choose to express ideas in writing as it gives you an opportunity to self-reflect.  

It is essential for you to care and nurture your energy. It’s possible for you to respect your energy by simply monitoring and balancing the source of your energy, as well as the things that deplete you. By maintaining self-care and making choices reflecting your value, you effectively protect your energy. 
In order for you to modulate your energy, it’s an excellent idea to restore it while navigating the activities and stresses of each day.
You may end up losing your energy from being in a large crowd from long periods, but there are effective ways on how you can bring your energy back.
Write or Read
It’s normal to see an introvert having a pile of books in his or her room. After all, there’s no better escape for you than reading a good book.  You can retreat into yourself and gain energy from within. Other than reading, you can also write. 
Remember that writing is your way of expressing your feelings, thoughts and escaping.
Listen to Music
Even if you are in a large crowd, you can simply recharge by listening to music. This activity will help you get rid of the external factors that cause you stress. Most of the time, you enjoy traveling, shopping, commuting, or exercising if you have headphones on. 
Listening to music lets you recharge without the need to give off unsubtle signals to people around you. It gives them a hint that you want to be alone.
Take A Long Drive
One of the best ways to distance yourself from people while recharging is by taking a long drive alone. This activity will also give you a chance to feel comfortable as you will have an environment you can control. 
Besides, you’ll enjoy the freedom of mobility.
Look for an Outlet 
Introverts are recharged by simply creating something. You can try gardening, painting, cooking, photography, or anything which you think can replenish your energy. You can create plenty of crafts that are simple to make. 
As you have no idea what the result will be and if it turns out great, you will experience real victory over something.
Testing your patience and own abilities allows you to create and enjoy a sense of accomplishment.
Where Do Introverts Get Their Energy
Socialize with Trusted Friends
In recharging yourself, it’s not always that you need to be alone or need silence. You can also try socializing in a small group, from two to three people. 
Of course, you’ll prefer your most trusted friends, which is easier for you to be yourself and feel no awkwardness. Being with that kind of person, you can have a quality, meaningful discussion.
Consider Self-Entertainment
Too many people to talk or listen to can consume your energy really fast. Since you are an introvert, you tend to be a one-person party. That is not a bad thing. 
In fact, it’s an awesome quality because you’ll find no issue in enjoying yourself doing countless things. Most importantly, you need to know that being alone does not necessarily mean that you are lonely.
Do Household Chores
Introverts like you consider home as among your most cherished spaces. Apart from cooking, washing your clothes, or changing your bed, cleaning the house is among the most effective ways to recharge yourself completely. 
This activity gives you a certain rejuvenating feeling and a free reign over the home.
While you are cleaning the house, you can light some candles and turn on music. You will completely lose yourself in cleaning. 
It might take you hours to finish, but your home will become spotlessly clean and make you recharged.
Perform Single-Person Exercises
Single person exercises are not only good for your body, but also for your inner introvert. You can take up dance, yoga, and other activities that can bring back your energy. 
Meditation is not just an ordinary workout as it helps you regroup within yourself. While you are strengthening your body, you are also recharging yourself.
Avoid Contact with Anyone
Sometimes you really need to have time alone, do things alone, and enjoy activities alone. The more you hear others speaking, or you have to speak, the more tired and exhausted you become. As you feel more tired, you tend to become more silent.
If you consider no contact with other people, you feel relaxed. Doing this will make your world, time, and almost everything feel right. You can avoid any form of communication until you feel recharged. 
After that, you can start reconnecting with the world once again.
Final Thoughts
Introverts recharge themselves by spending time alone and sometimes with a small group of trusted friends and family. They lose energy when surrounded by people, especially large crowds for long periods. 
Fortunately, there are plenty of activities they can do to recharge themselves.
As an introvert, make sure to pay attention to your energy. That way, you can continue doing the things you love.
Phillip Mulkey
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