Becoming Smarter, Bolder Introverted Leaders: Act! Don’t Ask…

Highly acclaimed marketer Seth Godin once said, “…If you want to have an impact, all you can do is lead. You can’t ask.”

This one statement dismantles the conventional wisdom of traditional leadership models, which are full of bromides requiring aspiring introverted leaders to test the water before leaping or gaining consensus.

Introverted leaders wield a high level of psychic power because they latch onto a compelling idea and ride it until the masses discover its viability or disavow it altogether.

If the introverted leader had to wait for the populous to decide the best direction, product, or service, there would be no innovations.

Significant breakthroughs are often counterintuitive. The founding father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud, talked about individuals’ irrationality, and his nephew, Edward Bernays, built the Public Relations industry around this notion.

To genuinely lead requires boldness and brashness so acute that one would label the practitioner insane. Be insane!

—Ian Sharpe

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