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The American Academy of Advanced Thinking always looks for introverted intellectuals, scholars, and thought leaders who want to share their brilliance.

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Why write for The Strategic Introvert?

The Strategic Introvert is branded as a platform where insightful introverts can write high-level articles that evoke profound thoughts about introverts’ position in the world. We are a solution-based blog that helps introverts navigate an often cold and domineering world.

We encourage writers to share their best practices to help our visitors succeed in all aspects of their life, mainly professionally.

Also, we encourage writers to read some of the previous articles on our blog to get a sense of the blog’s personality.

Do you interview influencers, subject matter experts, or thought leaders for articles?

Yes, we do. If you are an influencer, subject matter expert, or thought leader, we send you questions to respond to, and one of our writers crafts an article from your responses.

We found that influencers, subject matter experts, and thought leaders bring a wealth of knowledge that helps introverts succeed pragmatically.

How long should my article be?

Typically, we request that articles be original and at least 1,000 words and no more than 1,200 words. There are exceptions made for articles that entail groundbreaking research and analysis.

Microsoft Word document format (.doc or .docx) only.

Also, please add a minimum of two sources or references to your article.

You may share personal experiences using “I” to demonstrate your expertise.

Finally, our most favored articles use an established concept, method, or philosophy as a proven solution for visitors.

Do you pay for submissions?

Our blog is a guest platform for introverts to showcase their intellectual insights.

Consequently, writers can direct visitors to their services, products, or websites in place of compensation.

And writers can submit as many articles as they wish on different topics relating to introverts.

Can I publish my article on my blog?

We ask that you publish the article on our blog first and wait at least 30 days before posting it on your blog.

We understand that you want to market to the most significant number of people. Still, our search engine optimization (SEO) may be negatively impacted when the same article has been duplicated before publishing on our blog.

Are there any guidelines for language?

Yes, please write in English. If British, the language will be modified to reflect American English.

Please do not use profanity; avoid discriminatory, derogatory language, and slang.

Will my article be edited?

Typically, our writers are academics and write on a college or graduate school level.

We may change the title, tone, and wording to reflect a scholarly feel.

Again, we request that submissions be formatted in Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx)

How should I write my bio?

You may write 3-5 sentences highlighting your background and expertise with URL links to your services, products, or website.

Typically, we don’t include author pictures in our articles.

What happens after I submit an article?

You will receive notification within 3-5 days as to whether the article will be published.

What are some topics to consider?

Our writers are solution-based and research what introverts have determined to be problematic.

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